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Never tell Yourself - NO.

From my OLD website posted in 2007

When you came into this world, you came in naked, scared, crying and innocent… you were completely helpless and totally dependent on those around you for everything you needed to survive.

Your basic Survival needs were;
· Food, Shelter and Protection

Your basic Human needs were;
· Love and Nurturing
· Physical Contact and Attention
· Stories and Human Interaction
· Signing and Laughter

You had at that time;
· No Knowledge, No Talent, No Skills
· No Biases, No Prejudices, No Judgments
· No Religion, No Faith, No Direction
· No Honor, No Integrity, No Conscience
· No Fear, No Hate, No Love, No Hope

You could not chose or have any control of;

· Who your parents were or where you were born
· Who raised or cared for you or mentored you
· The country, place or circumstances you were born in or the place and time in history in which you were born

Who you became, depended on;
· The basic Survival and Human needs you were given and the experiences and treatment you had from the people around you and all their;
· Knowledge, Talents, and Skills
· Biases, Prejudices, and Judgments
· Their Religion, Faith, and Direction
· Their Honor, Integrity, or Conscience
· Their Fears, Hates, Loves, and Hopes

Who you WILL become, depends on YOU!

We all were given certain unalienable rights form God, he gave us;
· Life (our right to live)
· Liberty (our freedom to chose) and the 
· Pursuit of Our Happiness (what we want from life).

Who you will become, depends on;
· Who YOU chose as your mentors going forward
· Who YOU chose as your friends, partners and associations
· Who YOU let tell you NO! (never tell yourself - NO!)
· What Knowledge, Talents, and Skills you want to pursue
· What Biases, Prejudices, and Judgments you wish to have
· What Religion, Faith, and Direction you want to take
· What Honor, Integrity, or Conscience you will have
· What Fears, Hates, Loves, and Hopes that YOU let drive you

You are the only one that can determine who you are and what you do, and where you will go. That is your - RIGHT. Everything else is a privilege you create or earn…..

**** Freedom - love it, use it, don’t abuse it! ****

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