Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Major Social Security Change has occured....

As I have been warning for years now, the Social Security system is over loaded and big changes are coming.... On November 2, 2015, President Barack Obama signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. In this act, was a major change to our Social Security Benefits.

The elimination of the "file and suspend" and "file and restrict" strategies by May 1, 2016. This "was" the greatest way for married couples to increase their benefits significantly between the ages of 66 and 80. The details have not been made available as of yet. I will let you know as soon as I know.

Bottom line, the changes are coming. IF, you are at full retirement age 66 or (67 if born 1960+) before May 1, 2016, as of now... it seems you will still be allowed to utilize the strategies and still have your 8% growth to age 70. After that you will not be able to use these strategies.

Take care and be safe

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Finally finished and uploaded the "Endless Money Streams" video today.

I was finally able to complete the "Endless Money Streams" video today. I hope it will simplify the process of understanding and building "Endless Money Streams" in your own retirement plans. Like anything you may have on your mind, just ask me!
Take care and be safe.

Monday, September 14, 2015

A little late on the new video...

Thank you in advance for your patience, I'm a little behind on the new "Endless Money Streams" video. It has proven a little more challenging to put my thoughts together in a clean and clear presentation as it was in my vision. Take care and be safe.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Another NEW video is coming, "Endless Money Streams".

I'm making a NEW video that will be done BEFORE the Evaluation of Index Strategies Video, it is about building endless money streams. I hope to have it done today or tomorrow.

I just updated the "How to Survive the Coming Crash" Video.

There were a few typos and verbal mistakes on the video that were easier to correct so I did. I uploaded the changes today. There are still a few like when I said Drugs instead of Med's but that is minor. Also on the Medicaid I said at age 85 instead of age 65 they will get it back from your estate when you pass away, however the print is correct at age 65. Take care and be safe,Victor.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guaranteed Roll-Ups may become extinct!

Now that people are living longer and longer in retirement, and the "Baby-Boomers" are turning age 65 at an alarming rate of 10,000 per day! And with medical research extending and increased the quality of life as we reach and exceed age 100. It is going to become a major challenge for insurance companies to be able to offer lifetime incomes that are not driven by account performance.

Right now with FIA's or Fixed Index Annuities you can still get over 6% guaranteed roll-ups, down from the 8% just a few years ago. This is a great protection in decades where the markets are poor like in the 1970's where 4 out of 10 of the 10 year returns resulted in a loss. Long gong are the double digit 10 year returns of the BOOM in the 1980 and 1990's. When you look at the last 10 years of the S&P 500 we are at 3 of 10 of the last 10 years of 10 year returns losing money. This is why before the boom, the #1 Rule of investing was; "Don't invest what you can't afford to lose!".

Going forward the "Roll-Ups" are going to get replaced with "Index-Driven" Guaranteed Income products. Which means that you will still have the "Market-Loss" protection in bad decades which is still great compared to suffering a decade ending in a loss. However, the Guaranteed Income will not have the "Roll-Up" guarantee. As an example right now, a 6% Roll-Up will Guarantee you in most cases a 6% compounding interest rate for 10 years and may or may not extend some of that for the 2nd 10 years. So assuming you had a nest egg of $100,000 for retirement income, at 6% for 10 years is guaranteed to provide you an "Income Base" of $179,084. That is your "Safety-Net" in case you had a bad decade. IF however, it was a good decade, it is possible to have a greater balance in your index account. In that case your income would be based on the higher indexed account, thereby protecting your future income base regardless of the market returns.

So if you have been looking at FIA's as part of your retirement portfolio, you may want to lock up one with a "Roll-Up" before they're not available. My guess in they will no longer be available or continue to drop by years end or end of 2016. Take care and be safe.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Internet Blackmail?

I know many of you are a lot like me, I rely on the Internet for most of my research. Yes, I have to be very careful and mindful of the sources of that information. A lot of what is on the internet is just opinions of the people writing it without any fact checking. Like the news on TV and cable these days seems everyone has an agenda.... everyone has an opinion, facts are irrelevant. Data is based on "surveys" and not research. So be careful where you get your information, dose it seem to be backed up with facts or just numbers pulled out of their backside?

If you are a business owner, like myself, we are completely at the mercy of the internet. It is so easy to be targeted by so-called-watchdogs. Almost every rating group has a fee that they expect all business people to pay for a good rating. Some of you have seen it in the press, the shake-downs that has been occurring. Businesses once contacted, that don't pay, get poor ratings over night. Only negative reviews show up from nowhere. Stories are related that never happened. But, the damage to your reputation is real!

All I can say is, do your own checking. If you see a business and you are interested in it, try it yourself. Check it out, be careful in case it is true, but at least give it a good look. Don't miss out on something good because of "Blackmail" or "Revenge" reviews. It is so easy for bad people to hurt good people on the internet because there isn't any recourse for the business. No business can afford to pay ALL the fees from ALL the ratings companies without going out-of-business.

When it comes to business, the happy clients and customers don't go out of their way to say thank you or write good reviews, in a way, good service and products are expected, aren't they? Don't you expect good service and products? So there isn't any driving force compelling you to express the obvious. And it's fine with all of us in business, we don't expect to be praised for doing our job! The propblem is the people that can't be pleased or a morals-less competitor.... we all know some of them. Nothing you can do will ever satisfy them. Some people just look to cause trouble, some people get off on inflicting pain and grief. This is life.

So all I'm asking is to be aware that the internet makes hate and vindictiveness easy. Don't be used as a tool to hurt and ruin good people, but don't get taken by a bad business person either. Just be as fair minded as you can and understand that "Bad Reviews" are like "cockroaches" you can find them everywhere and are hard to kill and they multiply like crazy. On the other hand, happy people leave happy and really don't think about it, so good reviews are more rare and an unexpected pleasure to receive and treasure.

Take care and be safe.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Maybe 2015 is the year we will dread?

We are at the TOP of a NEW economic crash AGAIN.
History always repeats, and it looks like we are rounding the corning of our next calapse. Watch my video and decide for yourself. At least do something while you still have time to protect what you have spent most of your life building. The worst thing that can happen if I'm wrong, is that some of your assets will be protected. What's wrong with that? Take care and be safe.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Maybe 2008 is back early! Could it be Oct. 2015?

Heads up all, I just read an email from Weiss Ratings "It's all about to come crashing down." Where Larry Edelson, Senior Analyst, Weiss Research said "You always knew a day of reckoning would come. No civilization can go on piling up trillion-dollar debts forever. No government that buried itself in this much debt ever survived. Now, I have compelling evidence that, on October 7, 2015, it will all begin to come crashing down." Wow, October 7th! What do you think? Take care and be safe.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

An Evaluation of Indexed Strategies

I am working on the data to evaluate the 3 primary Indexed Strategies to try and figure out which one if any, has a higher chance of success over the other two. This will be interesting, so far I've had a few surprises already! Take care and be safe.

Monday, August 3, 2015

I just uploaded my FIA video!

I just finished my video that explains how Fixed Index Annuities work and their 3 basic Index Strategies. I hope this will help everyone to finally understand why they are so powerful when your goal is protecting and growing your retirement income. Also why having an income you can't outlive allows you to have a bigger income payout with less money.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

NEW FIA Video is coming

I am finishing the final touches on my FIA video and it should be up soon, I hope by Monday at the latest.  I have also started my Save America Blog see the link on the side. I am editing data and articles to up load there soon. Right now it is empty. Take care and be safe.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Just Posted the "How to Survive the Coming Market Crash" video!

Hello, Okay, I guess it's as good as I can get it. I read on a Google post that on YouTube, when you upload a video it is processed at the lowest resolution 1st and then at higher ones until its at the full uploaded resolution. The post also said that it could take a few days to complete.
I am using Microsoft Power Point to make the videos, saved at DVD and Web resolution of 852 x 480, it looks good on my PC. I guess I will see what it does over the next few days. Take Care and be safe, Victor.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Videos still not working!

Hello, I'm NEW to the blog business. I can't get the videos to download correctly... they are BLURRY! I'm sorry - if you came here to see the "How to Survive the Coming CRASH" I will be getting it up as soon as I can. If you email me, I will email you back to let you know when its up! Use the email on the letter you received. OR you can get one from my website. take care and be safe, Victor.

Monday, July 13, 2015

1st Try at Blogging!

Hello, I'm new to trying to blog... not sure how to do it!
I hope I can figure out how to upload videos that maintain their quality when being streamed... they look good on my PC but are weak and blurry during viewing on line. Hope I can resolve this soon so I can start adding more videos. Take Care and be safe, Victor.