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I will be posting my Videos and Webinars / Seminars here. There are also MANY retirement videos on "My RetirementRx Website" created for me. The LINK is on your right! These are not videos I made, they are from various financial advisers.

How to Survive the next Market CRASH!
Are you prepared for the next 2008? 
This video explains why I believe we will see another stock market crash as great or even greater than the last one we had in 2008. I show you the data and you make your own decision. In the video I will explain what I feel is the safest way to protect yourself from this and all future market corrections. Please make some time to view the video and share it with all your friends. You may save them and their families from a terrible loss of assets.

How to Create Endless Money Streams
This video will explain how to set up "Endless Money Streams" and explain the biggest mistake when transitioning from the “Growth Phase” to the “Income Phase”. This is an income stream using FIA’s that will never run out. Used mainly in retirement income planning. You will understand how to calculate how much money you will need based on the income you need and how long you want it to last.

How FIAs work and Beat The Markets!
Are you prepared for the next 2008?
This video will help you understand how Fixed Index Annuities and Index Strategies work and how they can help you beat the markets. When you can't lose money, you don't have to earn as high a return to beat other investment over time. Like the Tortes and the Hair, no loss eventually will catch up and pass the account with repeated losses.


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