Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Looks like it's starting, can YOU really afford to wait and see?

We need a -47% correction to bring the S&P 500 back in balance. That means IF your account suffers the FULL loss, you will need to get a return of +88.68% to break-even! How long will it take your account to "Break-even"? Call me to get your ABC RISK management done and determine IF an "Endless Money Stream" or "Streams" will work to protect your future. Before it's too late again! Remember 2008?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We made it through 2015 without the -47% correction, maybe 2016 it will collapse!

The S&P 500 data showed us last year in 2015 that it was do for a another major correction of about -46% over-pressure was at 121%. We ended the year with only a -0.73% . So far as of today in 2016 we are at -7% which leaves another -41% that it has to drop to get to balance the over-pressure of 104%. Will 2016 be the big correction year? or will we have a repeat of 2000 when it took 3 years to drop the -47%? Either way, it should be dropping this year for some or all of the correction needed for balance. Make sure you are ready! Get your accounts balanced according to your ABC Risk allocation percentages! See the S&P 500 chart on this blog AND watch the Market Crash video I posted here.

Take care and be safe.